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The Investigative Team

It is amazing how in certain circumstances, human beings can become incredibly close to one another in a very short time.    This is the team I worked with for two weeks in Chad.   None of us had met prior to this trip or knew anything about one another […]

Playing with the Children

During the investigation in Chad, when my interpreter Moustapha and I took a break from interviewing, I was always drawn to the beautiful children wandering in the refugee camps.   There were no schools or activities for them and many were recently orphaned due to the attacks on their homes […]

Sponsored Child

This photo is from my 2012 trip to Rwanda with a group of amazing teachers.  The teachers were adding to their knowledge about World Issues, specifically the Rwandan Genocide, in order to teach their students back home.   For me, the trip was part of my healing from the trauma […]

Strong Woman

This woman in Darfur had lost her home, family and had been sexually assaulted.  However, as was the custom with the majority of people I met, she offered me what little food and water she had and was more concerned with making me comfortable than her ongoing anguish.  #Incredible #Strong […]