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This photo is from my 2012 trip to Rwanda with a group of amazing teachers.  The teachers were adding to their knowledge about World Issues, specifically the Rwandan Genocide, in order to teach their students back home.   For me, the trip was part of my healing from the trauma I experienced knowing that the crimes in Sudan were still being committed by the still sitting President Omar Bashir.  As a Police Officer, when crimes occur and evidence is gathered I am used to making an arrest and stopping the offences.  Knowing that the crimes have continued on in Sudan, has weighed heavily on me.   Going to Rwanda, a country which had a horrific past, was emotional but uplifting to see people caring for and forgiving one another in order to put the past behind them and move on living in peace.


  • maxdpApril 28, 2016


  • maxdpApril 28, 2016