Playing with the Children

During the investigation in Chad, when my interpreter Moustapha and I took a break from interviewing, I was always drawn to the beautiful children wandering in the refugee camps.   There were no schools or activities for them and many were recently orphaned due to the attacks on their homes and deaths of their parents in Darfur, Sudan.   With the help of Moustapha I would try and teach the kids simple games to entertain them and make them smile.   We tried Ring-Around-the-Rosie and Touch Tag but the children didn’t seem to understand very well or something…   Turns out, many were too mystified or frightened by me, the light haired white woman.  Soon I learned to entertain them by sitting still and letting them come and touch my pale skin or light hair and then they would run away laughing.   Their laughter was a little bit of therapy amidst the tales of sadness and horror.

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